Novasure Office Endometrial Ablation
Pre-Procedural Instructions

-The procedure is usually done in the afternoon. However, you are going to be seen in the office on the morning of the procedure for Laminaria insertion. Laminaria is a seaweed that we insert in your cervix to dilate your cervix gradually over several hours so that we can perform the Novasure in the afternoon without having to instrumentally dilate your cervix. The Laminaria insertion procedure usually takes a few minutes and is associated with mild cramping.

-Take Advil 800 mg before you come for your Laminaria insertion and repeat in 4 hours if the cramping continues. If the Laminaria falls out, you don't have to call or be concerned. This means that it did the job that we wanted it to do which is to dilate your cervix. If it stays in, we will remove prior to the procedure. There is no pain associated with removal of the Laminaria. Please remember the time of the Laminaria insertion appointment.

-You will be given four prescriptions to be filled and brought with you on the day of the procedure:

Belladona and Opium Suppository 30mg/16.2 mg
Loracet 10/650 mg tablets
Toradol 60 mg injection
Phenergan Suppository 25 mg

-Make sure you obtain all the medications prescribed by your physician a week or two before the procedure. Some of these medications are not available at local pharmacies and need to be ordered. This will allow time for the pharmacy to order the medications and have them ready before the day of your procedure.

-Eat a light meal on the morning of the procedure. Take any medications that you usually take. Wear a light blouse. You may get warm during the procedure.

-You need to arrive in the office 1 hour prior to the time of your procedure. On arrival to the office the nurse will give you an intramuscular injection to reduce cramping during the procedure. You will also be asked to take all the medications that you brought with you. It is O. K. if you are on your period or bleeding on the day of the procedure. We can still perform the procedure.

-We encourage you to bring an abdominal heat wrap with you to use during and after the procedure.

-You can plan on your appointment taking about an hour and a half to two hours. The procedure is very quick, it will last only 11-15 minutes with the actual ablation taking only 60-90 seconds. You will feel a continuous cramp similar to a long labor pain during the procedure. Some women will also have a warm feeling in the uterus. This will all subside as soon as the ablation is over. You need to remain in the office for a short period after the procedure to ensure there are no problems.

-You will feel drowsy from the medication administered to you before the procedure. Therefore you should arrange for transportation to the office prior to the procedure and back to your house after the procedure. You should not drive yourself before or after the procedure.

- If you have any questions prior to your procedure please call our office at 724-347-4561 (Option #3).